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 Qingdao Attractions


An old saying captures the essence of Qingdao City: swimming in the sea, drinking Tsingtao Beer, eating fried clams and climbing Mt. Laoshan.

Top Things to Do

 Zhan Bridge

The first must-see attraction is Zhan Bridge (Zhanqiao). Zhan Bridge is one of the important symbols of the city. The local railway station is a five-minute walk away. Entrance to the bridge is free, but to enter Huilan Pavilion at bridge end costs CNY 2. Opposite Zhan Bridge on the other side of the street is Zhanqiao Hotel in a prime location. To the north is the bustling commercial street, Zhongshan Road. Take Bus No. 26 or 317 to see some of the scenic spots for only CNY 1.

 Qingdao Number One Bathing Beach

Qingdao Number One Bathing Beach, also Huiquan Bathing Place, is in Huiquan Bay, famous for soft sands, limpid seawater and mild waves. The bathing place is free of charge and open all day. Next to it you will find the 2nd Bathing Beach and not far away from this the 3rd Bathing Beach (near Haitian Hotel). You can reach the sites by buses No.6, 15, 26, 214, 311, 312, 316, 202 and many others. There is another sandy beach in the east (Shilaoren).

Qingdao Bathing Beach
Bathing Beach
Qingdao Beach
Beach near the city

 Golden Sand Beach

Golden Sand Beach: with tepid seawater in the Xuejia Dao (Xuejia Isle) receives high praise yet draws fewer people.

 Badaguan Scenic Area

Badaguan Scenic Area, also known as the Ten Thousand Country Architecture Garden, features foreign villas and paths. The area of the Eight Passes Villas is very pleasant; each pass has its own tree species. The Princess Building and the Huashi Building are open to the public in the daytime. The Huashi Building was home to the president of Kuomintang, Chiang Kai-shek. The Gothic-style Princess Building located at No. 10, Juyongguan Road; Eight Passes Villas Scenic Area has become a popular background for wedding photos. The spot is next to the 2nd Bathing Beach. You can get there by same buses as the 1st Bathing Beach. 

 Xinhao (Signal) Hill Park

Xinhao (Signal) Hill Park: No. 18, Longshan Road. You can reach the park by buses No. 228, 217, 220 and 214. From Circling Hall, you can catch the panoramic view of the city.

Villa beside the Beach
Ocean View Villa
City Street Scene
Street Scene

 Mt. Laoshan

Famous as the cradle of Chinese Taoism, Mt. Laoshan is regarded as the No. 1 Mountain on the sea. Spending one or two days climbing Mt. Laoshan will enrich your trip. The best season to climb is from May to October. During this period, abundant rainfall and charming sights enrich the experience. Wild vegetables from Mt. Laoshan are expensive, but you can ask for a taste from a farmer. Take the bus at Huaneng Square. 104 & 304 go to Laoshan Bus Station (Entrance). These buses pass also  the magnificent Shilaoren Gardens, a place worth to be visited.

 Catholic Church (St. Emil Church)

Catholic Church: Strolling along the Dexian Road, visitors will come across a high building with elegant red spires topped by two gigantic Latin Crosses. Nestling snugly in the trees and flowers, the construction looks stately and solemn. This is the famous St. Emil Church or St Michael's Church, normally known as Qingdao Catholic Church.

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