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Hohhot Attractions


The most precious treasure of Inner Mongolia is its long and unbroken culture, which is the reason that many of the attractions focus on displaying and explaining their traditional customs.

Even a little time spent at grasslands gives you an enchanting and memorable experience. Spending a few nights in a yurt or ger, drinking milk tea and listening to your hosts playing energetic songs on the Matouqin under a star-filled sky is an unforgettable experience. If possible, take part in the ritual at a Mongolian Aobao (a huge mound of stones with practical and spiritual significance in Mongolian culture).
A trip to the Mongolian Folk Custom Garden with the display of the vast history of the Mongolian people and their greatest leader Genghis Khan, traditional food, accommodation and daily aspects of life is enlightening.

The three most important events in the Hohhot again revolve around the Mongolian culture. Among them most important is the annual Nadam Fair, which provides a yearly platform for herdsmen to display their skill at a variety of Mongolian sports. It also becomes a market for animals and machinery. The Inner Mongolia International Equestrian Invitational Competition made ''Men's Three Skills’’ (wrestling, horse racing and archery) an official game and is conducted during Nadam.

Hohhot has many beautiful temples like many other cities. The most noteworthy is the Dazhao Temple, often referred to as the Silver Buddha Temple due to the huge statue inside. That statue was dedicated to the third Dalai Lama. Xilituzhao Palace is the largest Lama temple complex in Hohhot.

Zhaojun Tomb is said to be the resting-place of Wang Zhaojun (one of the Four Beauties of ancient China), who is remembered for her sacrifice in leaving the court of Emperor Yuan of the Han Dynasty to make a strategic marriage with a ruler of a non-Chinese tribe.

Hohhot Top Attractions - Famous Attractions in Hohhot

  • Dazhao Temple

  • Five-Pagoda Temple

  • Xilituzhao Palace

  • Mongolian Folk Custom Garden

  • Xilamuren Grassland & Gegentala Grassland

  • Zhaojun Tomb

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