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 Tianjin Attractions

No.5 Avenue Tianjin


Here is the epitome of modern Tianjin, have now been opened up into the commercial office space, come here to take a look at a small Western-style house, feel good.

Hai Di Lao Hot Pot


Decoration nice, you can order dishes  half, more humanized.The most natural is a service of praise,  help  to go to bathroom faucets, hand paper towel.Although priced higher than the hot pot restaurant in General, but the value really is!No wonder business is booming, an endless...

Tianjin Bin Hai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park


It is very interesting place to visit .

Yulong ski


tian jin 1982


Tian jin is secondary city in north china . 135 kilo metre from bei jing only half hour takes fast train from each side . The city gives people impressive memory of clean . because there is sea river go through the city .

600 years old city combine both chinese and western style...

Tianjin Park


Drum Tower Old Culture Street


A very historical place, very old Tianjin I personally liked the feeling of Oh, Oh many stalls to buy small stuff is very characteristic is a characteristic of Tianjin elsewhere is hard to buy.

Zhou & Deng Memorial Hall


Zhou Enlai and Deng yingchao in Tianjin youth spend, they met in Tianjin, know each other, love each other and work together on the road to revolution.Two great men always put Tianjin as a second home, they leave a will before dying land of ashes in the mountains of the motherland, sub in the...

Huangyaguan Graet wall


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